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Hello, I am Mehti Özkan

A Mobile Developer who enjoys creating unique iOS & Android Apps.


Learn about my challenging childhood, intriguing education, and various hobbies.

I was born in Bulgaria, started school in Ankara, graduated from university in 2006, and traveled to many countries.

I enjoy thrilling activities, photography, making computer games, and opera!

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Check out some examples of my projects to have a better idea of my technical skills.

I designed product logos, made 3D modeling and rendered illustrations.

I made mobile games by creating digital art, programming and composing music.

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I shared some photos that I captured over the years.

I am not a professional photographer. However, I spend a lot of time, money and effort.

I use semi-professional gear to capture high quality images. Then I process, edit and finally, enjoy sharing them.

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Engelsiz 112 is a special mobile app for people with disabilities. Emergency call services need to respond to all kinds of emergency cases. However, people with disabilities may have communication difficulties. This solution provides alternative communication channels for them.


Quicksilver is a little mobile game that I made in 2014. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I was inspired by mercury droplets merging into a bigger one. The game is suitable for wide age range because it does not require higher skills.

Vivoo Auto Detection SDK

I developed urine test SDK which uses image processing artificial intelligence model to detect urine test strips. The model can identify strip types, sensors, reference colors and other helpful parameters. Urine test strip and environment conditions are calculated from the model output.