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The MOUSE SMARTY Game Development Project

Welcome to "The Mouse Smarty" game development project webpage. This non-commercial game project has been developed by Mehti Özkan a.k.a. Mehodesign. This webpage contains game media, game development documents and some useful content which can be useful for people who are new in game development. I hope you enjoy the game and find this webpage beneficial.

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1. Mouse Smarty App Store Pages

You can download Mouse Smarty from App Store by using links below.

Mouse Smarty
iPhone Version
Mouse Smarty XL
iPad Version
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2. Game Story

Just because of its brilliant mind, doctors in the lab named this small white mouse as Smarty, so it was not a surprise Smarty managed to escape from the lab one day. But that escape was just a beginning, because Smarty has been in a fantastic land all by itself and very hungry. Smarty felt lucky because there were small cheese pieces in labyrinths of this fantastic land. Smarty was happy, because solving puzzles by using its brilliant mind and eating all cheese pieces were challenges just for this little white mouse. So what do you think, can this small mouse manage to solve all puzzles and continue its adventurous journey?

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3. Game Media

a) The Mouse Smarty Trailer

Watch the Mouse Smarty trailer from any link below.

Game Trailer at Vimeo
Game Trailer at YouTube
Game Trailer at DailyMotion

b) Gameplay Screen Images

Main Menu Screen Image:


Help Screen - Game Controllers:


Puzzle Selections Screen:


Castle on a Hill:


Cheese Piece:


Thinking About a Solution Path:


Stage 9 Map View:


Group of Cheese Pieces Seperated by Fences:


Cheese Piece:


Path Behind Fences:


Elevating Line of Cheese Pieces:


Stage 12 Map View:


Mushroom, Cheese, Fences and Elevator:


Puzzle Completed With Highest Success Level:


c) Sound Files

Main Menu Game Music:

Download DocumentSample Sound
960 KB
Main Menu song sample file which is 40 seconds long. This song file is in ".mp3" format and you can listen it directly or you can download it by clicking at icon on the left.

Game Play Background Music:

Download DocumentSample Sound
960 KB
Game play background song sample file which is 40 seconds long. This song file is in ".mp3" format and you can listen it directly or you can download it by clicking at icon on the left.

For more detailed information about game artwork and music files, please follow link below

Project Development and Standards Report > Design and Artworks
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4. Game Development Reports

All kinds of game projects need some documentation to make that project possible. Game development projects mostly need teamwork between people who have different talents and experiences. So, game development reports needed to be prepared to be able to plan all stages, make all people work on same goal and gain acceptable level of quality. I have prepared three main reports during this project even though I completed this project all by myself. Those reports describe all stages of the Mouse Smarty game development project. You can find links of game development reports just below:

*Warning: Because of the size of this game development project, outline of game development reports below has been changed. Using these reports for other types or bigger game development projects is not advised.

Game Design Report
Project Development and Standards Report
Game Tests Report
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5. Comment, Suggestion and Bug Report

Please contact me for

You can contact me from link below:
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6. Resources

Resource websites below have been used actively for research and collecting materials to create game items:

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7. Special Thanks

Special Thanks to:

Aynur Akkol

She is the person I have to thank most. She is my girlfriend who never stopped supporting and believing me. I could always find enough power to finish this project in such a short time because of her great support. She was always there. I feel blessed and very lucky to have her, so thanks a lot.

Rasim Berk Meray

Thanks a lot for the contribution and support of hardware and device testing.

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