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Learn about my challenging childhood, intriguing education and various hobbies.


I was born in Bulgaria in 1982. I lived there until my family moved to Turkey in 1989. Being a child and not having any toys was not fun. However, I started drawing when I was six years old. It helped my imagination grow significantly.


I started primary school in Ankara in 1989. Unfortunately, I could not build long friendships because I had to change schools four times in 5 years. I spent my time alone and not enjoying talking to others during that period. On the other hand, I had a lot of hobbies and interests, such as drawing, playing chess, playing video games, biking and other sports.


University was a turning point in my life. Because I realized my potential related to technological changes happening around first half of 2000s. Internet was widely adopted around the world and multimedia became popular, making animations became easier and games became more complex thanks to increasing computer performance. I had classes related to these technologies and worked on many projects.

Some of them are designing web pages, creating Adobe Flash animations, recording digital videos & editing for presentations, 3D modeling using 3Ds Max, game designing using Unreal Game Engine.


My professional career started in 2007 in Ankara. I worked as a web designer, animation creator, game developer, and mobile app developer. I always try to bring something extra by combining different technologies to create something original.

I converted my hobbies into professional skills over time. I enjoyed photography, digital arts, traveling, composing digital songs, making small games, fitness, and cooking.

I get inspired from every experience and enjoy having good skills to put into practice new creative ideas. I am happy to share my technical knowledge with others. Because I feel that I am also learning more while sharing.

Please check out my projects to see some examples of my technical skills.



I have traveled a lot, especially in the early days of my career. I went to Berlin, Prague, Kyiv, Sofia, and Varna. I have made many friends and taken great photos. 


I enjoy taking photos when I visit new places. It helps me to capture many details as I hunt for the best images. I use a Cannon DSLR camera with a couple of professional lenses.


Drawing cars has been a big passion of mine since my childhood. I use pens, pencils, graphic tablets, and an iPad Pro. I prefer black-and-white coloring techniques most of the time.

Digital Art

Combining different visual materials and techniques helps me create original works. I get most of it from drawing skills and color knowledge from photography.


I am interested in motorsports and a big Formula One fan. I exercise regularly and enjoy swimming long distances. I play basketball when I find the opportunity.


I play racing simulations and platform games the most. Project Cars, Richard Burns Rally and Starcraft are my favorites. However, I always say making games is better than playing games.


I enjoy activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, and parasailing. I don't miss any opportunity to visit amusement parks and water parks. I also enjoy nature by hiking and swimming.


I read detective stories, science fiction, and fantasy novels a lot. I am a big fan of Jean-Christophe Grangé, Frank Herbert, and Stephen King. I can only find time to read at home or travel.


There are many great live concerts in Ankara and I try not to miss them. I enjoy rock concerts, musicals and opera. Carmen, Turandot, La Boheme and Il barbiere di Siviglia are some of my favorites.